Magnificent Wedding Rings in the Tradition Of Love & Health!

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If you have some knowledge of hand reflexology, you probably already know that, on your left hand, just under the spot where’s the ring lies the point connected to the heart.

The Wedding Band in Medieval and Ancient Ages

The early Egyptians were convinced of the connection also, even going so far as to claim that the wedding ring finger is directly connected to the vein of love (vena amoris) that flows to the heart.

What a great symbol for the wedding, in the tradition of the ancient Egypt when people were persuaded of the association of the wedding band finger with the vein of LOVE (vena amoris) that flows straightly to the heart.

All ancient cultures, even the Romans thought that the vein in the annular finger is closely related to the heart. It is no coincidence that this finger has another name: “the healing finger”.

In the old european barbarian times, spouses were as a general rule hijacked and held hostage. It is suspected that the wedding band was utilized to bind the spouse to the home of her spouse to-be… like a rope!

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The Wedding Band as Symbol of Faithfulness

The annular ring, due to his high cost, can be also compared to the signing of an agreement between two families. It was like an advanced payment by a pretender, and thiw discouraged any attempt to break the engagement, taking into account the fact that the perjurers were subjected to three years of excommunication.

Only recently it has become fashionable to offer two wedding bands – one for the engagement and one different wedding band. Before this trend the engagement ring was often also for the wedding.

Why is the Wedding Band Is Placed on the Left Hand?

The simple reason for this is the belief that it should be difficult to break or lose the ring worn on th left hand because this hand is lees utilized then the right one.

Said this, you can easily verify that many people don’t wear the wedding ring on the left hand. Sometimes it was usual to put it on the right hand and even on the thumb, like Elizabethan nobles did.

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Beliefs and Superstitions about Wedding Bands

Beliefs and traditions proliferate around wedding bands. It was a sign of misfortune, for example, the fall of the wedding ring before the ceremony, or even worse was the its loss or its breakage.

Moreover it was strongly believed that the purchase of the wedding ring on Friday was sure to bring a bad lack on the marriage. And the same was true for the wearing of the ring before the weddin proceedings.

The rings, obviously, tackle whatever individual significance you give them. A lovely idea, grasped by the early Egyptians and also old societies around the world, holds the ring to be an image of endlessness. The ring has no starting and no end, subsequently showing immaculate affect

The meaning of the ring can obviously be whatever you want, but the most significant is that that brings to the equivalent of infinity, like the actual shape of the ring… A circular shape that doesn’t begin and doesn’t end anywhere, like a long life loeve and, hopefully, marriage…

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